Ridgeview´s Student Isaiah Nunez Big Day


Emma Briones

Isaiah Nunez after signing with Simpson University.

Audrina Natividad, Editor

On February 2nd Ridgeview High School’s own Isaiah Nunez signed to D1 school Simpson University located in Redding California. Celebrating with friends, family, and Ridgeview High School staff. The signing was hosted in Ridgeview’s Library during lunch. With many people in attendance to see Nunez signing off to the next chapter.

In attendance was Ridgeview Football Varsity Coach Casey Quinn. “It feels awesome,” Quinn explains, “he’s taken our advice, he’s worked hard, he’s a good son and a good football player… I think he’s ready to go to the next level.” Isaiah was captain his senior year and played running back on offense and linebacker on defense. Nunez was recognized for his defensive skills and placed on the second team for BVarsity All-Area football team. Quinn adds, “We’re very proud of Isaiah and his family and we’re excited for him and he always has a home here.

As well as in attendance to celebrate the joyous moments were Nunez’s parents. His father Justin Nunez talks of the moments explaining, “We’ve known since he was little that he had a chance to make it, we just had to make sure his grades were right and he finally woke up and got it done and got an opportunity.” Having an amazing achievement has Nunez proud of his son’s accomplishments and hard work. Now ready to see what his son will make of himself on his own, “When he was little we got to pick the team he got to play on and now that he’s going to college he got to pick the one he played.” 

 With big decisions like this Isiah Nunez was able to know this was the right choice adding, “The college is a very good school, it’s a new program, it’s a new football team and they trusted me to lead this team.” Nunez, excited and honored to be playing for a team reminisces how,  “This school has helped me a lot, this school has made me who I am and is going to stay with me and reflect my past.” Reflecting on his past looks forward to his future with the Red Hawks.

“This milestone is very important to me, I’ve been working on it since I started football,” added Nunez. Ready for the next chapter, Nunez is going to take the skills he learned from his time at Ridgeview and apply them to his new team at Simpson. Now we look forward to seeing him play no longer on Fridays as part of the Wolfpack, but catching him on the field Saturday representing as a Red Hawk.