Spring Break is Here!


Jayson Ford

Spring office decorations

Isabel Aceves, Staff Writer

We’re all longing for the coming of spring break. Have you finalized all your plans for this spring break? As students take a leap into spring break, many plans to spend time with friends and loved ones.

 Like senior Shivdial Sangha. Sangha mentions that his plans for spring break are, “To be with family and friends and have time to relax from school.” As spring break gets closer and closer he feels, “Excited because we are getting closer to having a break after not having one for a few months.” He also wants to accomplish some goals before going on spring break which he mentions are, “Getting my grades up and finishing off the quarter strong before going onto spring break so I can just relax and not have any stress on me that week.” For spring break he plans to, go to theme parks like Six Flags or just anywhere out of Bakersfield to get a new scenery and try out new things in other places.

Although he is completely ready for spring break, his favorite is still winter break because “It’s a long break and we also have Christmas off which is exciting because we get to spend the holidays at home with our family and friends.” Even though he likes winter break over spring break, his favorite part about spring break overall is, “Not having to worry about school and getting to enjoy the first week of spring outside of school where we can enjoy the first few days of the warm weather and have a mental recharge.” 

He describes his most memorable spring break as, “When I went to Las Vegas with my family last year, we had a lot of fun and it was just an exciting experience getting to be out of town and seeing new things that we don’t have here in Bakersfield.” Lastly, His best childhood memory from spring break was, “Getting to do easter hunts in school and at home and getting to win the prizes inside, it is definitely a core memory because we don’t have those activities anymore and we grow out of them so it is a bittersweet feeling.” 

Kassandra Garcia who is also a senior expresses, “I am excited about spring break and I feel academically prepared and ready to head into spring break and have time to relax and also get to focus on graduation because that is coming up for all of our seniors very soon.” Her goals before heading onto spring break are, “Getting good grades and just making sure I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing academically so that I won’t have to think about school throughout all of my spring breaks.” 

 Garcia plans to, “Go to the beach and finally get out of Bakersfield to see and try new things.” We don’t have beaches here in Bakersfield so that will be a very exciting and fun experience going into spring break.” As for the rest of her plans for that week, she explains, “I plan to hang out with my friends, try new hobbies, and practice soccer now that I will have a whole week to myself without any stress from school.” 

Her plans for Easter are to, go to Los Angeles to visit her grandmother and go to church together with her family. They all get together on that day and have dinner after church and enjoy each other’s company and that is also one of the reasons she is really excited about spring break.

Her most memorable spring break memory was, “Going to Los Angeles and spending the day with my cousins at Knott’s Berry Farm on Easter because we did egg hunts there.” Although she enjoys spring break, she favors winter break over spring break because winter break is just longer and she likes Christmas over Easter. Garcia feels as if there are more things to do like play Christmas songs, play Christmas games, wrap and open up presents and just be more entertained with things to do in general. Her dream vacation for spring break is, “Going to Hawaii even if it would be just for a week, I have always wanted to go there and it just feels like a perfect vacation when we are just heading into that warm weather.” She finally adds that her best memory from her childhood during spring break was, “Finally feeling that warm weather and being able to go outside and see all the flowers that were finally blooming,” being able to see the season finally coming in after having cold weather for so long.”