Global Warming

Emma Briones, Features Editor

  Global warming, also known as climate change, is a phenomenon that is affecting the earth in many different ways. This is primarily due to human activities that release large amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. These gasses trap heat and cause the planet to warm up, leading to negative impacts on the environment, ecosystems, and human society. 

     Global warming has been an impact on Bakersfield by causing high temperatures, poor air quality, changes in precipitation, and the risk of wildfire has increased. Sudden changes of weather patterns are cause by climate change. Climate change is a big concern because it can put our lives at risk. Ridgeview student, Muskaan Grewal lists that one of the issues is, “global warming is causing natural disasters and there is a lot of homes, and infrastructures being ruined.” There is a lot of things can do to prevent the situation from getting worse for instance  Grewal has been seeing a lot more solar panels outside. Climate change is also rising with the things humans build, “Things like the willow project holds us back from improving” added Grewal. The willow project has the potential to significantly increase global pollution, taking us a step backwards from succeeding with preventing the world from getting worse.

      Increasing temperatures can make the air quality worse, especially in places like Bakersfield where air pollution is already a problem. “I do notice our air quality does get worse throughout the summer when it’s really hot than when it is cold,” says Genesis Lopez. She also adds that poor air quality can be concerning to those who have  respiratory problems, particularly for those with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Lopez feels that not a lot of people aren’t educated enough on what’s happening with global warming and what to do to prevent it. “We can do so much to help, but first I feel like people need to educate themselves to see what they can do, but mostly people need to realize how bad our world is being harmed,” added Lopez. The earth is being damaged by climate change and there is a lot people can do to help as simple as walking or riding a bike somewhere to reduce green house gases, recycling, or even planting a tree.