How Easy is it to Buy Drugs at School?

Ashlin Morris, Social Media Editor

In today’s society what kids do at school is very different and has changed drastically compared to what kids did at school years ago. I wouldn’t say that what students are allowed to do at school has changed much, but I will say that students have definitely gotten more creative in hiding and doing things they are not supposed to do while on campus. High school students participating in drugs isn’t a rare thing in our generation. Most young teens find access to all types of drugs fairly easy, but how easy is it to buy drugs at school? I think it may be very easy to buy drugs from other classmates while at school.

Many students that are selling will usually post on their forms of social media accounts like Instagram, what they are selling, when, and how much.  So, therefore there is really no struggle in getting the details when wanting to buy anything. In the article “Education Week” written by Jessica Portner, she had taken many polls and surveys to conduct information on how easy it is for students to buy narcotics while attending school. After receiving all the data that the polls provided she states, “Forty-one percent of the high school students said they had seen drugs sold at school, while 25 percent said illegal substances were peddled in their neighborhoods.” This quote greatly explains that drugs can be more often sold during school hours rather than outside of school. 

In addition to the same article Jessica Portner also writes, “while teenagers say drugs are commonplace at school, school leaders are often oblivious to the situation, the report on the findings says. Only 12 percent of high school teachers and 14 percent of principals said they had seen drug dealing at school, according to the report.” I think the quote shows a huge part of why buying drugs at school can be so easy. If authorities are not aware of what is going on and how common this happens on their school grounds then there is no form of punishment for those who are selling and buying, which leads them to continue until they are caught. 

Consequently, I feel that drugs are easy to buy and just as easy to sell at school. People may say that it goes unnoticed and teachers or principals are clueless about what is happening on their school grounds, but I don’t find that to be true. I think authorities are aware of the situation. It’s just a hard situation to handle if you can’t pinpoint students who are buying drugs on campus then how can you maintain the issue?