Are Out of State Colleges Better?


Kathryn Hunter

The front of the campus at the University of Utah

Ashlin Morris, Social Media Editor

Growing up and becoming an adult is something we all have to experience in our life, and going to college is also part of that experience. The majority of people get to experience it. Whether that be community college or moving away from home and going to an out-of-state college. In my opinion, I think it could be a great experience to move away from home and go to an out-of-state college. I think it brings so many opportunities to be self-sufficient and grow as a person. 

Many colleges that you may attend out of state provide a dorm which is a living space you share with a roommate. Living on your own or with a roommate is a big step toward becoming independent and learning to be able to do things yourself. When living away from home you don’t receive the same amount of help that you would usually. I feel that to some people moving away from your home can be scary but realistically it is a big step in adulting. If you don’t have someone to constantly lean on and ask for help you learn to do things on your own and learn to become competent. In addition, you also get the chance to meet new people and make friends. You may never know your roommate could possibly become someone you consider to be your best friend. 

Along with meeting new people, you are able to become more social which can be a very important part of going to college. Being social can be hard for many kids especially in this generation considering the things we have partaken like a worldwide lockdown. So being pushed outside of our comfort zone and having to be social in order to succeed and enjoy your time while in school is a great opportunity in disguise. All the more reason why going to college out of state should be an option that is considered is that you will most definitely be pushed outside of your comfort zone by meeting new people and enduring new memories and experiences. 

Last but not least, if you still may be hesitating about going to an out-of-state college just think about the many opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime chances you could miss out on because of the fear of being uncomfortable. Being intimidated is not a forever feeling, but memories and expenses last forever and are something you will not forget.