Running To a Scholarship



Ridgeview’s running back Zamir Hall running the ball down the field against Centennial High School.

Akasia Jackson, Staff Writer

Senior Zamir Hall plays the position of running back and has been playing football since the age of five.  Hall describes his years of playing football for Ridgeview as “up and down.”  

According to Hall, “There were year’s that were better than others, but I would do it again, it made me who I am.”  In the future Hall plans to go to college to play Division 1 Football at an HBCU.  One of Hall’s best experiences of football was his freshman year.  “Having all those guys out there, watching them play the game they love,” said Hall.  Hall’s brother Zion Hall and professional football player Marshawn Lynch were a big inspiration for Hall while playing football.  Hall states, “Seeing what my brother could do made me believe that if he could do it then I could do it.”  Lynch helped Hall realize that football was not only a business, but a sport that your supposed to have fun in, “He made me fall in love with the sport,” states Hall.  

Being successful in football to Hall means to be disciplined and to have chemistry.  “If your team has chemistry and everyone is showing up then no matter what if you know each other better than the other team you guys will win because it is not always the team with the best talent, it’s the team with the best chemistry,” addresses Hall.  According to Hall one of his biggest challenges in football is attaining a better speed.  “I wasn’t always that fast, so I have been working on my speed, so that I don’t have any weaknesses and I can be unstoppable.”  For Hall, being on a team means having a family.  Hall says that when he plays, he is going out there to fight for his teammates who he refers to as his brothers.  

Hall’s favorite part about playing football is the family aspect.  “I grew a lot of relationships through this sport,” he says.  Advice Hall would like to add is, “If you’re out there trying to play make sure that you learn every aspect of the game, if you’re trying to get to the next level do some research on what it takes to get to the next level,” states Hall.

Coach Casey Quinn refers to Hall doing a great job representing the football team.  “We are very fortunate to have him,” says Quinn.  According to Quinn, “He works hard at the things he needs to improve on, he commits to the process, and does a good job following directions.  He makes everyone want to work hard,” adds Quinn.  Quinn’s first observation of Hall was his good vision, and ability to go through people, and run side to side.  “I think he has all the traits to be a really good college running back,” states Quinn.  Not only was there and impact for Hall, but Quinn as well.  “I get excited about coaching everybody, I love coaching every day, every way, and everyone, but when you get a guy like Hall you get excited just because he can help us be successful,” Quinn says.  Quinn recalls one of the best game’s Hall had in his four years was this year in a game against Hanford.  “We didn’t get it done versus Hanford, but I thought he had a tremendous game, it was our last game, he was sick all week and he came out and he ran really hard, he was explosive, he did everything he could to help us be successful, he impressed me.” Quinn states, “I think when you put things in place that are positive for people they should naturally say ‘this is great’ and they should see success on a regular basis.”  

“We are going to miss him, it’s going to be hard to replace him, he is a really good football player and good kid,” says Quinn.  Quinn also adds, “I just appreciate him, I want to thank him for being at Ridgeview, graduating here, doing things right, and maintaining a good GPA.  We are eager to see what he does in the future. He is always going to be a part of our deal.”