The Pack Takes on Another Year of Powderpuff


Kristen Hunter

Senior Navejot Gill running the ball during the Powderpuff game..

Kiara Ramos, Staff Writer

Every year Ridgeview hosts the end of the year powderpuff game which takes place May 4th, 2023, at the stadium.  This yearly event gives girls’ a chance to take it on the field. This year the Sophomores went up against the Juniors and the Freshmen went up against the Seniors. Last year’s powderpuff game, Seniors won, and students can’t wait to see who takes the victory this year!

Football coach, Coach Casey Quinn says that powderpuff is a flag football event that has girls participate in the experience of Friday Night Lights. Quinn states, “I think the best part of this event is for me to see, for us as coaches to see our kids coach a skill, put a plan together, work hard together and coach up on young people in a game of football. It’s a great community event for our schools, a great way to promote school spirit. The more people understand the process of being a football player, they’ll understand more in the fall so they can come to games.” Coach Quinn says it comes down to effort and putting a game plan together and that the ones coaching powderpuff as of right now are doing a good job. As long as they work hard during those four days of practice, anybody could take the trophy.  

Emily Ozuna, participated in powderpuff last year and will be participating this year, states, “The fact that we’ve all, it’s the same people from last year, that are doing it this year so I think that we can reflect on that.” A top memory of hers was when everyone got together after the game and took photos. Ozuna thinks Seniors will win because it is their last year. But as of right now Ozuna will most likely participate in next year’s powderpuff. 

Jocelyn Olivas, a sophomore that is participating in powderpuff for the first-time states, “I think we will win because we’re just good like that, you know.” Olivas says that she decided to do powderpuff to have fun and create memories with those participating with her and that she will most likely participate next year as well. 

This yearly event is an amazing way to show school spirit towards the school. Also, very entertaining because you get to see the roles switched. The guys as cheerleaders and the girls’ as football players. But it comes down to the question, who will win this year’s game?