Carrillo Joins the Runners

Diana Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Anicia Carrillo is saying her final goodbyes to the wolfpack. She has been a part of the Ridgeview cross country team since her freshman year. When asked about why she chose to start cross country she said, “I was really bored and wanted to do something fun after school and during summer school I would see them practice and I thought it looked really fun.” 

One of Carrillo’s most memorable moments during cross country was when she had an asthma attack during her first race. “It made me want to continue and push myself to be stronger,” states Carrillo about how that asthma attack affected her afterwards. The thing that has kept her so motivated over these past years is her loved ones and her own personal goals. 

One of the people who has been a part of Carrillo’s cross-country career over the years has been Coach Triandous Hobson. When asked her success in moving forward over the years Hobson replied with, “She has come very far over the years. She was shy when she was a freshman and now, she just won homecoming queen, so that shows how she’s grown on a social aspect and as an athlete she has gotten better at leading our team.” Carrillo is described as having one of the strongest work ethics Hobson has ever seen, he states, “One of the hardest working kids I have ever had the pleasure of coaching, she shows up to practice and gives it her all and also expects her teammates to do the same.” 

One of the biggest things Carrillo is going to miss about cross country is her team and the bonds she has created with her coaches. Carrillo states about her biggest motivator, ”My past teammate Mone, because of her drive and motivation I thought it was so amazing and inspiring.” Her proudest accomplishments in cross country over the years has been being awarded All-League her freshman, junior and senior year.

“It’s more so bittersweet that it’s come to an end, but I’m also glad that I was able to find happiness in a sport,” states Carrillo about how she feels about leaving the wolfpack cross country team. After high school Carrillo will be attending Cal State University Bakersfield and plans on running as a walk on her first year.