Are Changes to Our Second Amendment Neccessary?

Justin Hernandez, Photo Editor

The second amendment, what is it and why is it important? And what is my opinion about our god given right as an American to bear arms. The second amendment was created by the founding fathers of America when they made the Constitution of America. Is our right to bear arms going too far and when is enough, really enough? I believe that the second amendment should be changed for the safety of innocent civilians.

Lately a lot of news has been going around about mass homicide murders with firearms, and a lot of school shootings. The scary-heartfelt truth knowing I have to go to school every day feeling that today may be the last time I see my parents because not enough is being done to prevent the wrong people from obtaining firearms. California law states, “You must be 18-years old to buy a rifle or shotgun, and you must be 21 to buy a handgun.” The law states that we as the next generation are more responsible enough to handle a heavy firearm death killing machine at the rightful age of 18, but we are not even allowed to be drinking until the age of 21, this shows how some of America’s most important laws are unjust to society. 

Recent news about firearms not being used responsibly, a man named Robert Louis Singletary accused of shooting at a 6-year-old and her father intentionally because a basketball landed in his yard. Reports in North Carolina stated that the father of the child confronted Singletary because he was “cussing his kid out.” Singletary then opened fire at the father and the 6-year-old child as if it was nothing to him, to even point a gun at a child is inhuman, but to pull the trigger on a child is the act of a monster.

Sure, the second amendment can be useful for other things like protecting your family from a home invasion. Nothing is scarier than knowing your family could be in immediate danger from an intruder, but at what risk would one go for their loved ones? I know when it comes down to me, I would do anything for my family at any cost, but using the second amendment without any care in the world pretending to be someone you are not a danger to society and things must change for the better of future generations. One day we might all have kids and fear will be in our head wondering whether or not your child is in good hands and whether they will be safe or not. Change can only happen if you make the change and not just sit around waiting for it.