Staff Stepping Down



Jose Valadez, Activities director making a check list.

Jabari Bryant, Staff Writer

Recently, some staff members at Ridgeview High School have announced that they are  stepping down from their positions. But one staff member in particular that is stepping is Jose Valadez, Activities director. 

Dacory Deans- Bolden, a junior at Ridgeview High School, states that Valadez has made a major impact on Ridgeview that makes the vibes full of energy and excitement. Many memories have come from his presence that makes events more enjoyable. Bolden states, “ Last year he was a commentator for the boys’ 5v5 basketball tournament during lunch which made the game exciting because of how enthusiastic he is bringing the energy needed.” Making people comfortable during events is definitely necessary to have everyone have a good time and what Valdez has for sure added things to the table to make unforgettable memories. Bolden also mentions, “When the rally’s come around you already know who runs it. By the way, everyone comes out with energy and knows who’s the one that gives it all to them.” When it comes to running events and being part of it, Valadez is the one that would provide all the energy.

 Jose Valadez, discussed  his thoughts on the reason he is stepping down and how he feels about it. Valadez says, “It’s important to change my position in order to give myself a challenge and motivate myself to learn new things and to do more.” Basically, this position was a challenge for Valadez 23 years ago and ever since he’s gotten used to the material and procedures so now it’s time for a new upcoming challenge in his career but also in life as well. When doing something you’ve been doing before, there’s always room for improvement in other areas where you’re interested in, Valadez added. Valadez states, “I will be stepping back in the science classroom teaching intro to Physical science and Green Tech teaching all types of levels in high school.” Although Valadez is stepping down from his position doesn’t mean he is completely done, he will still be around campus because his joy in helping students is what keeps him feeling “young” he says and loves to teach the youth new things while seeing that inspiration. 

Hukam Singh, a junior at Ridgeview High, also gives feedback on the soccer coach, Phil Collignon, stepping down from his position as well. Singhsays. “He is a great soccer coach and knows how to control the pace of the game since he was also a soccer player when he was in high school at Liberty High.” Liberty High has a lot of good talent known for having the highest talented athletes and for Collingon being able to bring his knowledge and talents to Ridgeview is a huge part for the team to get active on the field. Singh also states, “He is a legitimate coach, 8 of his players he coached went on to play college ball which is a great accomplishment.” Having a coach that will boost you to be at your full potential are the ones that are always memorable for the work they put in. 

In closing, the staff stepping down from their positions isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the school and for themselves. It’s all about what’s doing the best for you and if stepping down is what’s needed to open up more opportunities that can fulfill what you want to do then so be it. Why keep doing something that you’ve mastered when you can develop other skills and be known for multiple things? At the end of the day, there are always more opportunities that will bring different outcomes and journeys but only you can do what’s best for you. That is why staff members, such as Valadez, are stepping down and pursuing something different.