Q and A With Myli Level

Myli Level throwing discs at a meet.

Myli level

Myli Level throwing discs at a meet.

Gabriel Borja, Staff Writer

Myli Level is a multi-sport student athlete at Ridgeview High. She has recently competed in volleyball, basketball, and she is currently competing in track and field, where she competes in shotput and discus. She has found the most success in track and field, earning her a mention on volume nine of Athletes of the Week via Steven Kertis, a valley sports media (VSM) writer and reporter. “I didn’t even know I was mentioned on that list… that’s cool to see that I’m being recognized on platforms like that, especially with all the other great athletes mentioned on that list…” states Myli.

As a student, Myli is great in the classroom. She will be attending California State University, Northridge, on a scholarship. She will hopefully graduate in 2027 and she plans to continue to athletic and academic career as a CSUN matador. “I had always been a good student but as I got older, it became a lot more important to me because that’s when college offers and scholarships started becoming real… that’s what kept me motivated in class.” states Myli. 

Coach Casey Quinn has been the coach for Myli for two years. He would describe her as a natural leader and a overall great human being. ¨Well I think she’s got an awesome personality… a lot of people seem to gravitate towards her… Shes just a natural born leader and just a great person…¨, states coach Quinn. Her leadership qualities are what make her a true leader and personable person. “She has the ability to carry and build the people up around her. She is really self-motivated and can also really help motivate the people around her… she does a great job.” states Quinn. “I’m really happy to see people like Quinn and hopefully other people see me how Quinn described me… Thats just me and I’m really glad to hear what Q said…” Myli states.

Myli will leave a legacy here a Ridgeview for being an awesome and personable person. She will leave the legacy here as being a strong thrower and athlete as well as people a great leader and student in the class. The impact Myli has had on other students, athletes, and staff will always be remembered here. People will remember her as a great leader, athlete, and student and students below her will follow in her footsteps to try and be like the role model Myli was. The CSUN matadors are really lucky to have a person like Myli come into their program and people surrounded by Myli will all get to see the person Myli was here at Ridgeview. “I’m like excited and nervous for the next chapter of my life… but I am ready…” Myli states.