Kicking Her Future to The Next Level

Ariana Polanco, Staff Writer

Graduation is just around the corner and many seniors have exciting futures ahead of them! Of the many seniors that will be, graduating this year, Shannon Macy, is one you must get to know. Macy has played Varsity soccer all four of her high school years, but has played since she was four years old. Her biggest motivators are her teammates as she says, “I’m a very competitive person, so when my teammates work hard it pushes me.” Out of all four years, playing soccer her favorite was her senior year. Macy states, “I created many memories with great players and it was overall unforgettable.” Macy has won awards such as the jockey award, MVP, the all-stars award, along with most defensive player of the year. Being more independent is something many people look forward to and that goes for Macy. She has looked up to her older sister who got to play soccer with her freshman year and states that she has always influenced her. Now that high school is coming to an end, one thing that Macy will miss is seeing all of her friends every day. She has described her high school years to be eventful and unforgettable.
The Ridgeview Varsity girls’ soccer coach had a few fond words to say about knowing Macy. Andres Murillo has been the Varsity coach all four years of Macy’s high school seasons, so he has gotten the opportunity to watch her grow into young woman that she is becoming. Murillo says, “Shannon Macy is a very humble person, she always has something positive to say and is always willing to help others with anything.” Macy is described as a motivational and successful person on and off the field. Murillo states that her best improvement throughout these four years of high school was her mentality because she was very hesitant at first on the field, but now is very determined and believes in herself. Macy had a very successful season and has won many awards for the great person and soccer player that she is.
On a more academic note, Macy has a bright future ahead of her. She plans on attending Bakersfield College where she also plans onto continue playing soccer. Her favorite subject in school is science and will be heading toward the medical field as she gets her degree. She has a GPA of 3.5, which is very outstanding and is on the right track to a successful future.