Game, Set, Match

Serenity Mejia , Staff Writer

Most people think tennis is an easy sport, but in reality it takes hard work. Don’t underestimate our tennis girls, they’ve worked hard to get where they are today. Last year’s team finished strong in their league making playoffs and winning tournaments.
Returner Rasneet Grewal, says, “I think we will do very well this year as well and will win the league championship”.
Coach Laura Rice, says, “I just want them to work hard and have fun”. Judging on how they did last year and how hard they work during practice according to Rice, the girls have a good chance of taking the win this year at the league championships. “You have to learn to manage your time and never procrastinate,’’ says, Returner Manreet Sodhi.
Grewal, also says, “It does take time and patience to play tennis”.
So time management, patience, and no procrastinating are the three things it takes to tennis according to these girls and they are not wrong, tennis is a lot of hard work.
Also, “Practice is usually from four to six in the evening, every day after school,’’ says, Grewal. So these girls have the skills it takes to play tennis if they can practice for two hours, get their homework done, and do anything else they need to do.
As far as how the seasons going, Rice says, “The season has started off pretty good and is waiting to see if the team will do as great as last year.”  She has these high expectations, because the team’s record last year was 26-3. The team also won last year’s league championship.
For the newcomers on the team Grewal, says, “I feel like the newcomers on the team will learn from the other top players and will hopefully do great in the future.”
In the meantime, “We only have one newcomer from another school and so far she’s doing really well,” says Rice. There’s possibly more, but Rice only mentions one from another school.
Rice and two varsity players, were asked who they think the toughest school will be this season and here’s their response.  Sodhi, Grewal, and Rice all believe Bakersfield Christian High school will be their toughest opponent. Sodhi believes BCHS will be their toughest because, “BCHS was our biggest challenge, but we beat them last year and plan to do the same this year”. So let’s wait and see if the girls will be able to do it again.