Alex Cuevas: Fellow Pack Running Towards Success


Ariana Polanco

Alex Cuevas signs his letter of intent to UC Davis as his family looks on.

Karla Velez, Staff Writer

It was November 18th, 2019 the moment when Alex Cuevas, the best cross country runner in the state, signed to get a full ride to University of California-Davis. The room erupted with applause and cheer the moment Cuevas put down the pen and looked up with a smile. 

    “Words can’t really explain. It feels really great,” said Senior Alex Cuevas. “It’s something really special to me, coming from a family who’s been living out in a farm. So, just having a full ride to school means so much. I’m just really looking forward to making my family proud.”

And this was true. The Cuevas family was truly proud of such recognition given to their son. According to Mr. Fidencio Cuevas, “We’re very happy. Everyone in the family is and we’re going to support him in anything he needs,” as joy overwhelmed this proud father.  

It was this moment that revealed emotional parts of the family also. For Mrs. Tomasa Cuevas, the fact that her son will be going to college brings tears of joy. Even though he may be the third in the family to attend college, the emotions of a mother still stirs up in her heart. 

“It’s something new. I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but I know that it’s something good for him and the only thing I want is for that something to be his future on what he likes to do. She added, “I hope everything goes well in everything he does. I hope nothing happens to him wherever he will be at.” 

Yet, the Cuevas family weren’t the only ones looking at Alex with pride. Ridgeview as one came together to celebrate such news with him. Different coaches, counselors, and fellow teammates watched with joy as he signed the paper. Cuevas was the representation of Ridgeview and this became quite an impact in his life, for his many hours of practice and hard work in track and cross country truly paid off for Alex Cuevas. One thing’s for sure, many people had a part in this huge step in his life. 

Gratitude filled Cuevas as he said, “Training was a lot harder, but I’d like to thank the coaches. They were really pushing me everyday.” He added, “Anyday that I felt too tired or I felt like I was doing bad, they were always there pushing me and motivating me. Just to put the best out of me.”

It was this type of sportsmanship and motivation that drew Cuevas towards UC Davis. While there were many schools on the waiting list, UC Davis was the only one who truly reminded him of the family feeling that the Wolfpack brings upon its athletes. 

“I was kind of looking into UC Davis and then when I went out on an official visit, that’s when I felt a connection with the school.” Cuevas added, “How the guys are over there it’s very similar to how we are here.” 

Who would imagine this moment in the life of Alex Cuevas after having an unfortunate event that put him in such a spotlight in this cross country recognition. After having a tragic car crash two years ago in August along with his mother and sister, Cuevas had fractured hips, eye socket, and skull. 

Now, after receiving this recognition, Alex Cuevas carries in mind that day of the accident that could have put his running dreams at risk. “It was something it never even crossed my mind. I would’ve never thought of this moment.” 

This accident did not stop Alex Cuevas from his passion for running. Cuevas added, “It’s unfortunate that happened, but it did teach me a lot of new stuff with running. It made me realize how much more I enjoy running; how much I need it.” 

It was this determination that kept him running to get to the point to sign for the University of California-Davis. The only thing that matters now is that Alex Cuevas did not receive this achievement on his own. He had his family by his side at all times: the Cuevases  and the Wolfpack.