Soccer Season is Finally Kicking Up


Ariana Polanco, Sports Editor

Soccer has officially kicked up and the Ridgeview Varsity boys are getting ready for their upcoming season! In previous seasons they have played some of the best schools up and down California, so this year should not be any different. They will be attending the 2019 Adidas West Coast Showcase where they will play teams like Downey, Century, and Palos Verdes which are in the top fifty in the nation. Unfortunately the first scrimmage against Mira Monte High School didn’t go in their favor, but that just gives them more motivation to work hard for the next game. Varsity coach Phillip Colignon has a lot of hope for this season. Colignon states, “We have a very talented nonproven team.” Having a young team this season will put a lot of pressure on the team, but it is nothing they can’t handle. Keeping players healthy and maintaining an organized schedule is always the goal, but that should be no problem.
For the boys, soccer isn’t just a sport. It has brought them together as a family and is the foundation of many friendships. Marco Ceja, who is a senior this year, is very excited for this season and believes that the team has a special bond. Having chemistry off and on the field is beneficial, and often leads to success. Ceja states, “What’s special about our team is that we value quality time with each other outside of school and outside of soccer.¨ There is no doubt with their special bonds and talent, the team will have a successful season. As one of the best players on the team says coach Colignon, Ceja has become a captain. The position that he plays is center forward and attacking midfielder. Ceja states, ¨ I definitely have become more of a leader now on the team, especially since coach Colignon has named me one of the three captains on this year’s team.¨ School and soccer has always been difficult to balance for Ceja, but it’s important for him to do as well off the field as he does on. Ceja has been in contact with a few colleges who are interested in him, but as of right now he wants to focus on which school fits him best, and which one has his desired major. Ceja is ready to go out on the field every night and give it all he has to get the victory.
Josh Bueno, also a senior, feels as if it is too early to determine how the season will go, but is taking it one game at a time hoping for a great season with a lot of success. Bueno plays center mid, left wing, and right wing. As a player Bueno states, “The goal is to gain new skills and progress every day, especially since you›re training daily for a majority of the year.”
He believes with all the practice he has done, he has changed his style up and has gotten better over time. Bueno states, ̈ I feel our program maintains its consistency throughout the year and each player does their part which is was gets us the success we deserve.¨ Being part of the team is very special to them and gives them a sense of recognition that they have worked hard since trying out for the team isn’ t very easy.
Every year, the boys’ Varsity soccer team has a killer squad, so they will be doing whatever they can to reach their goals as a team. As a team, hard work is always needed, and the boys have that drive to strive for success. They are ready for what is to come this season and any challenges that they might face.