High Expectations for the Boys’ Basketball Season

Josh Bueno, Staff Writer

With the Boys’ basketball season off and running the boys’ are looking to end their season better than it started. Coach Paul Hernandez, the assistant coach, stated that his first year hasn’t started so well but he still has high hopes for the program this season and believes it can end better than it started.

As for the boys they still have high hopes for the season as well. Shooting guard Keylijha Lucas stated that “our season started off bad but we still think it can get better”. Lucas started playing basketball when he was six and this is his first year on the varsity boys’ team. The mentality stays competitive during games and practices and that is one thing that Lucas enjoys most about the season as he stated, “honestly being around my teammates and being in the competitive atmosphere” when asked on what he enjoys the most out of the season. His inspirations or people he looks up to Lucas showed love to formal Ridgeview basketball alumni such as Justin McCall, Jordan Roberts, and LJ.

In the south Yosemite League for boys’ basketball there is always great competition as you have competition with the likes of Bakersfield Christian, Independence, Ridgeview, and Tehachapi. When asked which team he looks forward to playing the most two year varsity small forward, Alex Sandoval, stated that he looks forward to playing Independence because “it always is a competitive game with them”.

Sandoval started playing when he was ten years old and is one of the few returner’s on this program. In the two years he’s played, one of the things that he’s enjoyed the most about this program is the friendships he’s created with his teammates’. His inspirations or people he looks up to he stated, “Lebron, he’s the goat,” and his personal goals on the season, he stated that he just wanted to “keep having fun and enjoy the sport”, that he has been playing since he was a kid. The boys’, started off the season slow, their current record is 3-14, but they are looking to bounce back after some unexpected results, and with league underway there is still a long road ahead and plenty of time for the boys’ basketball program till playoffs come around.