Theo Walker ,ASB President and Much more for Ridgeview High School


Pack News Staff

ASB President Theo Walker on campus last year during a pack Friday celebration.

April Gonzalez, Features Editor

           Theo Walker is currently the ASB president of Ridgeview High School , he’s a 17 years old senior. Walker is a very productive person and he stays active. Some things that he does are, “Some things I do in my free time is dance, learn more about video editing, and watch anime”.

        Walker became ASB president for the students he says, “ I ran for ASB President because I want to help guide the students on campus and also let them know that we as an ASB is here for every student”. He has been in ASB for two  years, but this his first year and last year as ASB president. Being ASB president comes with a lot of work and responsibilities,  Walker  says, “My responsibilities as the ASB president is not only to make sure I’m getting everything done and organized also to make sure that the people in ASB and even the whole school really, to make sure they’re getting the help that they need and give them that extra support for when they need it. It’s because the students on the campus encouraged me to become ASB president”, “it’s not the Wolf that makes the pack, but the pack makes a wolf”. 

          A day in the life of an ASB president isn’t too easy here’s what  Walker does everyday, “Everyday I do my homework/classwork, Anything ASB I usually work on afterwards. If I have time I Would workout, maybe dance for a bit and then head to sleep”, “ to start things off I’m in ASB, I’m involved in link crew, I’m actually Link Crew Commissioner as well. I’m a part of the Drama Department, this is currently my fourth year on it and just recently I became Vice President of the Dance Club that the school has brought back.”

        He  still manages to keep up the good grades with a GPA of 3.1. An ASB president has a lot to do and a lot of things that he is in charge of such as, “As ASB president I mainly look over the ASB as a whole and just be there for them when they need my help. I host meetings, make agendas, answer questions or give directions to the ASB if they need help with anything. Overall I try to come up with different ideas to get us through this school year”. “ I’m mainly in charge of the student body officers that represent the whole school, not just one class”.  Walker has much responsibility with the role of being ASB president.  Walker is a good student and well known in the school, has a positive attitude, and a hard worker with all the extra curricular activities he’s in.