Ridgeview Class of 21 Says Goodbye to Testing

Alexandra Rojas, staff writer

Because of Covid-19 the Class of 2020 won’t be taking the SAT/ACT. The test won’t be a requirement for colleges in California and a couple of more states. The SAT/ACT is the biggest test for a high school student. This test determines if you get into college and what you learned in the last three years of high school.

When asked about testing, senior Iliana Solis said, “I’m actually glad that many of the tests are canceled, I think for a lot of students this may feel like a stress on their shoulders. It might actually be helpful for the seniors as well.” Many colleges are waiving the SAT and ACT scores, and some students have mixed feelings about it. “I don’t think that they should look at the seniors test because many seniors didn’t get the chance to take SATs yet.”, says Solis. 

               In other words, Solis believes that the seniors should have the same opportunity or privilege as the Jr’s.  “I think that they might try to slowly start implementing it as things go back to normal but I’m not sure, everything has been pretty unpredictable recently.” Said Iliana when asked if she thinks they might ever bring the test back. “I think that there should be an option on whether you want to take it or not. Like something extra to look good on a college application,” stated Solis 

Furthermore,  an article on the news site called “The Atlantic” said that the tests might still resume. Iliana said this, “I think everything is up in the air right now and nothings ever certain.” In another article it states that the SAT/ACT is only cancelled in a couple of states, not countrywide,  “ I kinda hope it gets cancelled country wide especially for the students that plan on going to college out of state.” suggested Solis, so that everyone in the country could have equality in this situation. Senior, Audriella Burrana, also commented on the situation saying, “I believe the SAT/ACT should be cancelled worldwide. In my personal experience I haven’t taken the SAT. Most UC’s aren’t able to accept students based on SAT scores. Being online students are having a harder time learning properly and lack of motivation.” All in all, this has been a very stressful year and it isn’t getting better, but at least this is a load off for high school students.