Girls’ Tennis Team Not Just a Team But a Family

Samantha Trujillo, Staff Writer

    With all that is happening with COVID- 19, there were many questions as to what would happen with school, especially what would happen with sports. Many sports have been pushed back, one of these sports being tennis. The girls’ tennis team is a team that has a very close bond and is also a team that enjoys each other’s company.  They are able to talk and work together as a family which definitely benefits them on the court. The girls’ tennis coach, Laura Rice states, “I just loved how they got along with each other and had fun as well as playing as hard as they could.” 

      Despite the fact of wondering when things will go back to the way they were before Covid-19. Not only are the students worrying about sports, but the coaches have the same concerns as well. Rice’s biggest concern is that her players are safe and that they will soon be able to play. There is a lot of worry about the players safety, but there is also some thought being given by many athletes and coaches about the fate of their season. The tennis team and their coaches are wondering if and when their season will begin. Many sports are scheduled to continue in the month of January, but unfortunately it seems that tennis will begin in the month of March. So it seems that there will have to be some type of agreement about how the courts are going to be used. There is no doubt that the tennis  team and the coaching staff will find a way to make it work.   

     Even though tennis is going through some dark times there are also some good memories to be made and remembered. Elisabeth Jimenez, a senior, shared some of her favorite memories being the car rides to and from their tennis games. Jimenez also stated, “ I most admire how our team can make any situation fun and overall an amazing experience”.  As soon as restrictions have been lifted, Jimenez hopes to be able to reconnect with the team by going out and having fun. 

     Rice hopes that once restrictions have been lifted they will soon be able to go back to the daily things they would do before without having to worry about COVID-19. It seems tennis is not the only thing that the girls´ tennis team misses. The tennis team has such a good connection with each other that it´s not only tennis they hope to get back to ,but also the friendship and bonds that were created while going to practices and games.  

    Although, there has not been any practice or training Jimenez still keeps in contact with teammates.  Jimenez states, “I do plan on playing tennis after high school, because of how much it helps me de-stress and help me stay stronger and healthier.” Not only is it Jimenez who thinks like this but also another one of the players on the Girls´ tennis team. Parneet Pannu, a senior,  also finds tennis as a way to de-stress about school and other things that cause stress for her. 

“I just loved how they got along with each other and had fun as well as playing as hard as they could.” – Laura Rice

     Pannu also admires how optimistic her team is and how much fun they used to have all together, as well as getting to travel outside of Bakersfield to games. Pannu states,  “I would love to just have a regular practice with my team. It has been a year since our last practice since tennis was supposed to end in October. I miss the sport and I really miss hanging out with my teammates for hours and hours.”

  To end it off, Pannu continues to do a bit of training here and  there to prepare for the season this year. Many student athletes are looking forward to being able to play this year. Along with other students, that are also mostly  excited to be able to just go back to school and get this school year started.