A Look into What Ridgeview Students Are Doing

Jaysen Ford, News Editor

       These past several months  have been some of the most interesting ones we’ve had in a while for sure. Between a summer spent indoors, keeping up with online classes, and being away from friends and family, students have had a lot going on.  Here’s a look into what quarantine looked like for a lot of them. 

     During quarantine, students had lots of time to themselves to pursue their interests and hobbies. Sophomore Joey Gomez utilized his free time by practicing driving, “I have been working on my driving skills and day by day I have gotten better,” says Gomez. “I wanted to be better at driving so I’m prepared for the drivers test.” Another student, Sahib Singh, says that he was encouraged to pick up skating as a new hobby, and decided to try it. 

     A lot of people made the decision at some point during quarantine this summer to get out and go somewhere uncrowded, spend time with family, or visit their friends and family for the first time in a while. For Singh, that was visiting his cousin’s house and working with his dad over the summer. For Gomez, a memorable event was going on a camping trip with family. “I went to Lake Tahoe and it was pretty fun walking around the forest,” he says. 

      A universal downside of having summer vacation in quarantine was that students could only talk with their loved ones via technology like Zoom and FaceTime. While having to stay in contact with friends and family through a screen had an impact on everyone it has been important to stay positive and optimistic to get through these difficult times, and to continue doing so. “I got to do something over the summer and not just sit in my house 24/7. I did school and spent time with family and it could have been worse,” says Gomez.