Trick or Treat Maybe, Maybe Not ?



A Ridgeview student dressed up for Halloween on campus two years ago.

Ariel Torres, Editor in Chief

       Halloween. A fun yet very serious time of year; a classic. Full of its own culture that is satisfying to those who love horror movies and the dark. When we were younger we remember the joys of going to the store to choose a costume just to be sad that they didn’t have it. We remember the joys of walking down the street to cold crisp air and houses full of sweet treats just waiting for us. We then also remember, sneakily eating candy when our parents told us not to eat it all in one night yet we did it anyway. To our surprise, Halloween may be a bit different this year because of  the Corona Virus, so that might put a bit of strain on our plans.

      This year, COVID-19 hit us hard, and it hit us bad.  This was a huge change and rip on all of our plans. Since this was a big change, it had to affect us in some way; and it did. We must social distance as well as stay home. Halloween is around the corner, yet how would we celebrate it, if we even can?

       One month ago came a notice that Halloween was canceled in LA, shock rose through the city and even though they must not practice this holiday this year, some are willing to bend the rules. In an article by the LA Times, it reads, “On Tuesday, the Department of Public Health posted Halloween guidelines on its website stating that door-to-door trick-or-treating is banned under the county health order.” Many reactions were caused by this, mostly sorrow. Yet some special people think differently. After that decision came out LA reversed the decision but Beverly Hills kept with no Trick or Treating this year. 

    Although it isn’t cancelled in Bakersfield, it still might be a little different. And even though Halloween might be different this year, many of us haven’t even blinked an eye at that change. Some never bothered about Halloween anyway. Nataly Flores, a sophomore at Ridgeview High School said, “It’s alright. People will probably still go out and I think others may stay home in fear of Corona”. She explains her feelings about Halloween and how she thinks it might go this year. “I don’t usually trick or treat that much anymore anyway,” she states. Joshua Medina, a senior here at Ridgeview High School, states, “As long as I can get some candy I’ll be fine with it.” He explains how this change does not bother him as much as he thought it would.

    Halloween is a beloved holiday by many and this change gave us many reactions. Some are still willing to bend the rules even though they shouldn’t, and others are just fine.