Getting the COVID-19 vaccine? Yes it Will Help



A unidentified person is getting an shot from another person.

Eric Cadenas, Staff Writer

    This pandemic has been very stressful for everyone right now. People can’t see their families, can’t go to amusement parks, and can’t travel to other places. Up until now life was rough, but scientists have made a vaccine and are testing right now. The scientists said that the vaccine is 95% effective. Now comes the Question “Should we take it?” and I say yes.

    We need to take this vaccine so this pandemic can end. Bakersfield is at purple tier right now and we need to stop the spread fast. Fortunately Kern could receive doses of the vaccine this week. In the KGET article “Kern County could receive doses of COVID-19 vaccine as soon as this week, hospital leaders say” Joseph Luiz states, Dr. Hemmal Kothary, chief medical officer for the Dignity Health Central California Division, said during the meeting that if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration decides during a Thursday meeting to approve the Pfizer vaccine, Kern County could receive doses as soon as Friday.” This means that the vaccine will be here in a week if approved. This is great news because we can get out of the purple tier and live normal lives.

    I hope that people will take the vaccine when it’s in the public because we can get rid of this pandemic. Even though the vaccine is coming people are concerned about the safety of the vaccination.  Phred Dvorak and Pietro Lombardi from the “Wall Street Journal” state, “A survey from the University of Hamburg showed the percentage of people hesitant or unwilling to get a Covid-19 vaccine ticking up in November to around 40% of respondents across seven European countries.” This shows that people are unwilling to take the vaccine because of concerns about the safety of the vaccine. I get that people are afraid that the vaccine will harm them, but this vaccine can save lives.

     This pandemic is coming to an end because of the vaccine. When the vaccine is out the COVID- 19 cases will drop and People can eat at restaurants and diners, meet their family’s and go to amusement parks. Give the vaccine to the elderly first because they are the most vulnerable. People need to take this vaccine because this pandemic will still be here and that it’s harmful if you don’t. COVID-19 cases continue to rise, but with the vaccine on the way those numbers will go down.