Running Towards Their Goals

Samantha Trujillo, Staff Writer

Sports have finally come back for a second time this year. Some of the sports that will be coming back this year include Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, and of course Track and Field. Before sports had stopped the first time this year, Track and Field were practicing at the time. The requirements track and field had the first time, are the same ones that are required at this time as well. These requirements are social distancing and wearing a mask.

One of these athletes coming back for a second time is Mone Rocha. “I chose to participate in track and field because I have been running since elementary school, and track has been a part of my family for as long as I could remember,” stated Rocha. Throughout the time that sports were not happening, Rocha had been training on her own time. As well as keeping in contact with other track and field athletes as well. With school ending in only three months, student athletes are trying to get as much playing time as possible. With all students following safety regulations we should all hope to see sports continuing for as long as they can.

Another runner returning once again as well, Ryan Lopez. When asked why he chose track in the first place, he gave a response saying, “The competitiveness and it betters me physically and mentally.” He only worries about the district having to shut down sports again for a second time. Going out on runs and doing workouts every weekday is how Lopez was bettering himself and training himself to get better for track and field. When first hearing that sports were coming back, Lopez was filled with excitement and felt lucky to be able to run again.

Due to Covid-19 spreading so quickly, the season had to unfortunately be cut short last year. Although there is only limited time left before school ends, athletes are still feeling lucky enough to be able to get some conditioning in with their coach and other athletes. “Cutting that season short was sad since I was improving a lot every race, yet hopefully I can do the same now.” announced Lopez. When asked the same question, Rocha responded saying “I was really Excited that we were able to start a new season, but I am not trying to get my hopes up Too high just in case everything gets shut down again”. Although the coach of Track and Field, Ryan Lucker was most excited about getting to be able to see his athletes once again.

Coach Lucker has been coaching the Track and Field team for 14 years. He is back here once again to lead our team through all that’s going on. When asked the question, “What do you want your athletes to learn the most about this year?” Lucker gives a motivational response. “I want them to know that hard work when no one is watching is the best work,” stated Lucker. With five days of running every week it seems safe to say our athletes are definitely working hard.

During this time, we have lost many things but not everything. Our student athletes are not letting Covid-19 stop them from setting their goals for this year’s season. If it’s either decreasing the time on their top score or preparing themselves for a next meet you can believe our athletes are working their hardest on these goals. Lucker gives a statement saying he believes his team’s biggest strengths this year will be resilience.

With all that happened and in such a short amount of time it is amazing how these students still have their motivation keeping them running and reaching their goals. “Track motivates me to be my best self and being in Track is a self-reminder that the only person that I should be competing with is myself,” disclosed Rocha. Being able to communicate with the team is what had Lopez at his most excited. Only time will tell what will happen with sports. Although let us keep hope that we will create more and more memories and motivation throughout this year for sports.