Floyd’s Outcome

Alexandra Rojas, Staff Writer

The verdict of a very emotional case we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, the one that initially started the BLM protests. All because George Floyd  used a $20 counterfeit bill for cigarettes.  When asked about the verdict, student Senior Roy Jones said, “ The verdict was deserved.” He said that he would’ve done the same if he was in or on the jury. Also senior, Jazmin Jackson, said “ I would have just told it like it was. If there is evidence of him committing acts that are extremely dangerous and not required for the situation.” How was the case handled? Jackson responded with, “ I think it was dragged on a little long but since it ended fairly I will not complain.” Jones added, “ Appropriately, good jury and good judge.” Honestly this case is a very good example of, “if they wanted to, they would.”

“ It won’t drastically affect people, but the people who were involved or his family may be affected,” Jones said when asked if the verdict will  affect people. Jazmin’s response was, “It just opens people’s eyes to the ongoing problem of world evil.”  The people have been waiting for the verdict for almost a year, but was it long overdue? “A lot of verdicts are long overdue, ya’ll forgot about Breonna Taylor.” Jones stated, recalling a previous similar case with Breonna Taylor, an African American medical worker, who was killed by police officers in Louisville in March 2020 while they were raiding her apartment. Jackson’s response to the situation, “ The case should have been done when the evidence and autopsy came out confirming the evidence.”  The system only works when it’s convenient for them, other than that they really don’t care.  The police actually looked at all the bystanders’ videos and the security camera footage closely, and it still took about a year for a verdict.

    This has been very emotional and stressful for everyone, especially the family. But justice was served and hopefully we learn from this .