Caitlyn Jenner: New California Governor???

Eric Cadenas, Staff Writer

Caitlyn Jenner is a retired gold medalist and media star that is running for governor of California.  Do I think that Caitlyn can run for governor? Yes, because if she keeps these promises she can help people who are homeless, mentally ill, and are  immigrants.

If she becomes governor, she plans to let immigrants have a legal path to citizenship, build affordable housing, and try to help with mental health. In an interview with CNN reporter Dana Bash, Jenner states, “I am for legal immigration. What’s been happening on the border is honestly one of the reasons I decided to run for governor.”  This can be a good policy because if this was enforced there will be less undocumented Americans.

Jenner also talks about homelessness in the state. In the interview she states, “Biggest problem is you have to change regulations. You have to build between government and private industries.” If she does this it would be great because homelessness rates will drop,  and people don’t need to worry about being homeless. There won’t be negatives about this policy.

Jenner is also helping with mental health. In the interview she states,”We would try to provide programs, work with local organizations. There is so much Sacramento can do.” Caitlyn is trying to help with an organization to help mental health patients. If she does this it is very good because it could help for the people who need it. 

Caitlyn hopefully is a good governor in the long run because if she doesn’t do a good job, she will not be running for governor ever again. I don’t agree with people when they say that she is a celebrity, so she is not qualified because Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor of California. I do agree with people when they said that she doesn’t have experience because she admits that she has a lot to learn.

In conclusion, Caitlyn Jenner can be a great governor but that is up for the rest of America to choose. We will know her policies later but those were three reasons why she wanted to become governor. She wants to help people, so she became governor.