The Class of 21 Says It’s Goobyes

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Thank you to my family, my friends, and my teachers who supported me throughout the whole four school years. The past four years have been a wild ride filled with learning a lot about myself. There were highs and lows but they were the moments that really shaped me into the person I am. I will always appreciate and remember the connections that I have formed in my high school career. 

And for future seniors, my advice is to not stress out too much because in the end, you’ll be okay. 🙂 – Cristina Cornista


Through these 4 years I have learned so much about myself and these wonderful teachers here have done a wonderful job and I have so much gratitude for what they have taught me. Especially thanks to Mr. Erickson and Mrs. Dyer, you guys have taught me the most and I will deeply value what I have learned in your classes. Have a wonderful life !– Dani Perdido


I would like to say goodbye to all my teachers from the past and thank you for helping me get through these 4 years of high school. I would really like to thank my Spanish 2 Mr. Garza for helping me pass Spanish class and for helping me with life advice. Another teacher I would like to thank is Mr. Kimble and Mr. Hernandez for making the school seem like a better place and for taking their personal time to help other students move forward. I will also thank my senior English Mrs. Flores for making English class fun and entertaining. I won’t forget the advice you give us and the funny stories you would tell. The last teacher to really thank is the geometry teacher Mr. Lopez. Your class was fun to be in and I’m glad you took time to help students when they needed it most. I will also never forget the funny Costco stories you would always tell. My four years at Ridgeview High school were an amazing experience and it wouldn’t be easy without my friends and the school staff. Thank you for an amazing four years and I hope the future wolfpack pushes through to the end. Farewell to all. – Jacob Maradiaga


I had a great 4 year experience here at Ridgeview. I just want to thank all of my teachers for contributing to my preparation for the real world and also to my friends that made High School memorable. Goodbye.- Sergio Jara


Well my fellow students and comrades, it seems this is the final stretch for high school.

As soon as we graduate we have to take into consideration that we had good times during our high school years. Sadly Covid killed our senior year and many lives were lost in which I give my condolences to. But enough of the sorrow and sadness, it’s time to be happy! Graduating from high school is a big accomplishment! As you read this lovely senior edition, I will be back ! I’m going to miss all these wonderful teachers that inspired me to become a more knowledgeable individual and taught life lessons. Mr.Rios, Mr Ruiz, Mr .Halbrook, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Bema, Ms. Flores, Mr. Camacho, Ms.Reames, Ms Raub, Ms. Graham, Ms. Calciano, Ms. Blue, I just want to personally thank you for your hard work and your time. After I’m finished with college and finished paying off my debt, I’m coming back and taking all of you either on a road trip or out to dinner because you inspired me to become who I am. Thank you teachers for everything you’ve done for me. It’s truly been an honor serving with you for four years. Most of all, I’m going to miss my Mother and Father the most and my younger siblings. My mother is my major role model for success and I appreciate all the dumbness and hard headedness that you had to deal with. I love you so much mother you are the one that put me in shape and you changed my mindset for college. Father, thank you for being tough on me even though I hated it. Thank you for turning me into a man for the real world. Lastly GODspeed to all my magnificent friends. I hope you all succeed in life. Farewell to Everyone, a new chapter begins for every Senior and young adult to come: Restarting a new level and resetting to a new character. Another form of life has just begun for YOU. Live that life well my friends and stay frosty.- Elijah Munoz


I want to thank my friends and family for helping me through these last four years here at Ridgeview. It was a very hard and tough road for me, but I am glad to have met such great friends and people through my experience here. I hope those who are either still at Ridgeview or incoming have a great and easy time here. Blessings to all. –Ariel Torres


Thank you to all of my baseball teammates , teachers, coaches and friends for making my highschool experience memorable. It has been a great 4 years and I will forever be grateful for. GoodBye RHS and this school will always be apart of me.  

Sincerely – Ethan Trejo 


I remember being a freshman like it was just yesterday. Now a little less than a month I’ll be graduating and reminiscing about everything I’ve done through the years. I appreciate all my teachers for letting me grow and have my ups and downs. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and have no regrets. Shout out to the boys, Steven, Jeremy, Roberto, & Jeffrey, my brothers. I’ve built so many great relationships with people but those individuals will forever be remembered. Of course, I must acknowledge the one teacher that made my high school experience amazing, Mrs. Arreguin, AKA Mrs. Ibarra. I appreciate it so much! Just getting started y’all!!  -Jason Rodriguez

After 4 years of being at Ridgeview I’ve made a lot of new friends with a lot of amazing memories. I wanna say thank you and goodbye to all the teachers who had to put up with me over the years and especially my counselor Mrs.Graham. I wanna say goodbye to all my teammates I’ve had over the 4 years here, from all the wins and losses I’ll never forget all the times I gotta step on that field with all of you. Thank you to Coach Murilo for having faith in me and always believing in me on and off the file.d To all the homies … yall will always be my homies for life and thank you for all the endless laughs. Shoutout to mav2ratchet and the COOOPPP the statement of the rhs parking lot. Finally to all the ITA teachers thank you for becoming my family on campus and making school worth coming to.  # TeamDrewry for life.- Vargas out.  


It has been a long year but we finally made it through COVID19 and we are still to finish out this year. Who else can say what we’ve been through and made it to the end of are last year of school.  – Mason Francisco