Governor Mandates Vaccination



A unidentified person is getting an shot from another person.

Jorge Arteaga, Staff Writer

     Many American citizens are being affected by vaccine mandates giving them a new obstacle for their daily lives such as with their jobs, going to sports events, and even with school activities. This is being carried out by the government trying to push the public into helping stop the spread of Covid- 19. 

     On October 4, the Kern High School District board meeting was met with tension as the governor’s announcement requiring students in grades 7-12 get vaccinated  after full FDA approval in order to attend in person school. The topic had a packed room causing many to want to comment against the mandate that  the board members and officials walked out of the boardroom before returning ten minutes later in order for the crowd to calm down. The board meeting was able to continue with the rest of the agenda that evening. 

    On August 23, 2021 the CDC approved the vaccine. However, many may not still want to take the vaccine even with government approval. Moises Amdor goes on to say, “No, even with the vaccine there are people who still have contracted Covid.” Since there isn’t a guarantee that the vaccine makes you 100% immune to Covid, Amdor will still not be getting the vaccine even with CDC approval. 

   The LAUSD has begun requiring all students from the ages of 12 and up to get vaccinated to attend in-person classes. Daniel Miranda agrees with LAUSD, “ I think schools should support the vaccine.” Miranda goes on to say that schools should continue to make masks mandatory, but only encourage students to get vaccinated not enforce it.

     Sporting events, government jobs, and certain school districts are making the vaccine a necessity in those environments. Amdor continues to say, “You can still contract the coronavirus, so what’s the point of getting vaccinated?” He feels that the use of the vaccine is unnecessary if you can still get exposed to the virus. 

The new public health order issued on August 11, 2021 which causes KHSD employees to show their vaccine cards or get tested on a weekly basis. The next issue of this procedure will be on October 1st for KHSD staff.

“COVID-19 will reshape our world. We don’t yet know when the crisis will end. But we can be sure that by the time it does, our world will look very different”

— Joseph Burrell

,”  said  Joseph Borrell. 

    Currently the state has a mandate that requires masks in indoor settings. A common use of stopping the spread of the coronavirus is the use of masks. Plenty of schools, jobs, and sporting events require this item to be worn at all times. Junior student Moises Amdor shares his opinion on the school enforcing the mask policy, “It’s an obstruction to my learning.” Should it be a choice to wear your mask in a school setting? 

   Ridgeview school nurse Jordan Pendly tends to disagree with the idea that wearing your mask isn’t necessary. She states that, “ I think that it’s very important,” referring to the use of wearing a mask.