Driving Our Way Into The School Year


Justin Hernandez

Chloe Rodgers putting her shot for a hole in one .

Justin Hernandez, Staff Writer

With this year’s golf season beginning, Ridgeview’s girls team is off to a great start thanks to their love of team’s sportsmenship. When asked about how she feel´s about the season starting after Covid-19, Alexsandra Lochridge states, “So this will be our second season since Covid started and it would be my second season playing, but it’s definitely really fun we have a new coach and were all super comfortable together and we’ve all been improving a lot, so it’s definitely really and joyful.” 

Although there are many positives that a team has, there are also challenges they have to face together. Lochridge added, “Honestly I would just say playing in the heat because last season we would play kind of more in the spring when it was a little bit cooler, so you know were out there for a long time in the 100 degree heat, and that can get a little bit exausthing, but I would say that probably the only struggle.” 

Through the heat the girls’ still are able to find enjoyment within the sport. Chloe Rodgers had to say, “We got a new coach and I think this new season we got a lot of practice and just overall we got a lot closer and we do have a team connection right now.”

With a great team comes great potential. Coach Brett Lemster states, “I think they are a great group. I think there’s a lot of develop there, it just needs to be developed.”

Lemster has a love and passion for the sport of golf he shared, “I’ve played golf in college and then I used to be a assistant golf pro, so I used to give lessons and things like that. So golf is kinda my thing I’ve played all four years of high school and then I played all four years of college and then went into that field of giving lessons and private lessons and things like that, so when the golf position came open I was definitely throwing my hat in the ring.”

Dulce Rios gave a statement adding, ¨Our coach makes a huge effort to relate to us he always asks what kind of snacks we like we like or what kind of music we control the music in the van he tries to joke around and stuff so itś fun.¨

To those who are debating to join the sport take advice from Lochridge she stated, “yeah just go for it even if you don’t think you can play golf even if you never done it before it’s super fun you learn a lot it’s a really good use of your time, honestly just be patient you have to be really patient with this sport, I’ve seen people get frustrated, but if you have patients you’ll be confident and you’ll do good.”