Holiday Travels Make A Return

Genesis Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Traveling for the Holiday’s has been  difficult these past two years due to COVID-19 .   Now that COVID restrictions have let up, traveling for the holiday’s has been easier .  Daniel Tate, a student at Ridgeview High School is traveling to Ohio this year for the Holiday’s and will be there for one week.  Tate and his family  will be traveling on a plane to visit relatives and see the Cincinnati Bengals, an NFL team play  . This will be his second time traveling since COVID. Tate still has concerns because although there’s a vaccine there are still health risks.  Tate stated,“The vaccine hasn’t gotten rid of COVID it is only reducing the chances of getting it worse, people are still dying right now due to it and it’s very concerning”. Although he has concerns he is still very excited because he will be seeing the Bengals play. 

Ariana Selenas, a Junior at Ridgeview High will be traveling this year for Thanksgiving, up north to Manchester .  Selenas will be going camping with family and friends along with doing other fun activities. According to Selenas she hasn’t visited her relatives for about two years since the pandemic. Selenas has traveled before during COVID, but this will be her first time visiting her relatives.  She says, “I am not concerned about traveling during the pandemic as long as we are safe and responsible with wearing our masks in public” .  Selenas is traveling in a car she believes that’s safer than traveling in a plane or any other public transportation. 

Brandon Wright, a Senior at Ridgeview High is traveling to Brooklyn, New York this Christmas year.  Wright will be going with his family to visit other relatives and friends.  He is mostly excited about visiting his hometown and grandmother  that he hasn’t visited in five years.  The pandemic has made it difficult for Wright to travel and visit his grandmother.  Wright believes that traveling during the pandemic could still  be very concerning although COVID has let up.  He states, “ I’m afraid of catching the virus because I’m traveling in a plane, but I’m mostly afraid of passing the virus to my Grandmother who is more of a  danger to it”.  Wright also states, “ I believe if I’m cautious  and responsible I will be fine” .