Where The Parents At?


Justin Hernandez

Jan Jarrett sits at her desk at the parent center at Ridgeview high school.

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

Parent Center, also called Parent and Family Center, is a resource center for parents and guardians. Jan Jarrett is the head leader for the Parent Center at Ridgeview High school, the Parent Center is located in the liberty to the right hand side of the entrance.  Jarrett assists parents with resources in the community and to help parents or guardians to protect or be aware of what their kids are going through.  Jarrett also can schedule virtual workshops on mental health and fitness education. The resources that are provided for parents/guardians are as follows: ParentVUE activation, Parent support, Rosetta Stone for parents, college and financial aid assistance, fitness and nutrition classes and much more.

Jarrett gives free advice for parents and guardians, and also is available for students during the school hours of 7:30-4:00pm.  “ I am a resource specialist. I work with people to help them get the resources they need,” said Jarrett. The Parent Center offers computers for parents to make appointments on if they don’t possess a computer for use. One of the things the Parent Center supports is Rosetta Stone. It helps parents learn Spanish or English. Parents get a workbook and a Chromebook. Jarrett said currently she has three parents learning English and one parent learning Spanish.   There are 18 high schools in Kern County and each has a parent center. 

Jarrett stated that this spring she is bringing a book club via zoom for the parents.  Parents and Jarett will be reading “ How to Talk so teens will listen and teens will talk”. If you are wondering where Jarrett gets her information from C.A.P.K. It stands for Community, Action, Partnership, of Kern High School District and some non profit communities.  Parent volunteers can go on canvas for parent activation. Parents and schools can work together by getting involved. Sense the pandemic the workshops are on zoom. If you want more information about the parent center you can find more on: ParentVUE, Canvas, workshop or contact Jan Jarrett in person inside the Library or through email: [email protected]