Seniors Return to The Playground

Melissa Reyes, Staff Writer

Senior recess was a great experience for all seniors, with so many games, foods, and great memories of how they were as kids. In charge of the event for this year, Ahtzirhy Marquez, states, “Senior recess is just our last final recess before we become college students and graduate. Because in elementary school we had recesses so this is just the last and final one we’ll ever have.” 

Here’s a list of all the free snacks and games that will be available for the event by ASB Director Jose  Valadez, “Lunchables, gushers, assorted candies, and probably all the flaming hot flavors of chips you can throw at a senior… four-square, jump ropes, laser tag, an inflatable hungry, hungry hippo, a big slide and the little train rollin’ around.”

This event has been a tradition at Ridgeview High School for a very long time and recently had been planned since students and staff were trying to protect themselves from Covid-19 these past two years. Some of the things brought back during senior recess were as Marquez stated, “A lot of games, laser tag, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tether ball, there’s gonna be a lot of snacks, I think there’s even gonna be vendors so you could just get snacks, there’s going to be a DJ, it’s gonna kinda be like a mini party.” 

Many of the seniors at Ridgeview were excited yet scared for what they’re futures hold, this is what Aubriana Botello Siqueiros had to say, “I’m joining the military right after high school and then I’m gonna go to college while I’m still in the military.” Here’s what Ethan Alcala had to say, “I was outside a lot and I’d find sticks and with a friend I’d be like shooting you know as a gun and then being like, “oh you missed me” and he’s like “no I hit you! Bro’ and you make up a whole bunch of rules just to get out of getting hit.” 

Had to say, “This class right now, Mr. Jenkins, I feel like he’s emotionally there for me and I can talk to him about anything so yeah I feel like they did emotionally prepare me for the real world”