Seniors Off to College

Genesis Gonzalez, Staff Writer

  College is something many seniors are looking forward to throughout their high school experience, it can be different for others. Here at Ridgeview High school students are given the opportunity to be college ready. This gives students a better perspective of what to expect in college.                       

        Brandon Wright, a senior at Ridgeview High school has applied to Texas State, he has not committed yet and is waiting to hear back. Other colleges Wright had in mind were Arizona State, CSUB and Domingo Hills. College is something he always thought about and always knew he wanted to attend. Wright wants to attend college for IT Tech and for a trade. He also says,  “As a kid I always imagined myself going to UCLA and playing basketball but things played out differently and I’m not upset about it, I’m excited for this new chapter ”. 

        Tyrone James, applied to Oceanside College. James states he does not have any other college in mind to attend . His advice to freshman students is, “ Keep your heads up and stay on one road that would lead you to success and don’t let anybody or something take you off that road”. James’ goal after high school is to go to college for engineering. 

       Another senior, Makhi Black, has committed to Santa Monica Community College. Black states the other colleges he wanted to attend were Fullerton, Glendale, and Riverside. The advice for freshmen is, “To always be yourself and don’t try to fit in with others,” says Black. Black says his goal after high school is to attend college and play college basketball while also having a job. 

        Carlos Alvarez, senior at Ridgeview high, committed to CSUB. Alvarez does not have other colleges in mind. His goal after high school is to buy his own car and focus on school. Alvarez wants to attend college to become an engineer. Alvarez states, “ My advice for freshmen is to not procrastinate on school work and to focus on school, don’t have any distractions”. Alvarez is mostly excited for graduating high school and to start his new career.