Girls Soccer Takes the Field


Justin Hernandez

Jade Salinas dribbling the ball against Foothill.

Alex Trujillo, Staff Writer

Dzenna Grewal comes back for her second year on varsity alongside one of her teammates Jade Salinas, sophomore on varsity girls soccer. Both are playing in their second year. These girls’ want to win and are eager to be back out on the soccer field again.

 Grewal believes that the most valuable thing in soccer is the ability to talk within the team. Another two skills that could be used in soccer are knowing the other players’ game, and bonding. Grewal believes if you are not good together off the field you won’t be good on the field. The toughest opponent she believes will be in their season will be Independence’ because their whole D-line is a strong point of the team. Coming into the season they feel good with new faces, as there are a lot of freshmen on the field this year. Although the team is bummed that some seniors have left last year, they are confident for the season and believe there are people on the team that could make up for the seniors that have left. The mentality that she uses is to be confident and to not think of anything, but the game. The main goal for her is to make the first team and to make the all-star game this year. But as a team the goal is to go deeper in the playoffs unlike last year as they were eliminated by independence in the first game. Dzenna Grewal’s motivation to play is her teammates and family as she says, “I would say my teammates because a lot of my best friends play on the team.” 

Jade Salinas on the other hand also believes that team chemistry is important because a team needs to be good together to play together. Three skills that Salinas believes are needed in the game are communication, leadership, and responsibility. Salinas believes that Bakersfield Cristian will be a tough opponent because of their loss from the team last year and wants to have another shot at them this season. Salinas is confident in the team this year and believes that the freshmen this year are pretty good and able to compete. Salinas is bummed that the team has lost the seniors from last year as she believes could have been used this year. The mentality that she uses is just to be ready for anything to happen. Her goal for this year is to not get scored on as bad as last year. The motivation that she uses on the field is to perform the best she can for her parents. Salinas looks up to an old coach that she had in club soccer. 

Coach Andres Murillo, head coach for the girls’ varsity soccer team believes that the three most important skills needed in soccer are strength, agility, and commitment. Out of the three Murillo believes commitment is the most important thing in soccer, because that involves accepting a good win, but also being able to accept  hard losses, and being able to have room for improvement. Murillo says, “Commitment is being able to take a good win, but to be able to accept a loss, accept room for improvement, and be able to take in what coaches say.” Practices for the girls usually go working on the weak points to make them stronger and better for the 2022- 2023 season.