Plans for the Holiday Season

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

Winter break is almost here, which The holidays are a time where many different cultures celebrate and participate in festivities. Some activities that people participate in during the Christmas include: Reading the Quran, Praying, Giving to charity, Visiting family and friends, Enjoying festive foods and drinks. During Christmas jews  light a menorah, This is a candelabra with nine candles, which is used to commemorate the miracle of the oil lamps burning for eight days in the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. During Christmas Buddhists give thoughtful gifts while Buddhists strive for non-attachment to material things they also believe in in practicing kindness. The same as Buddhists Hinduism exchange gifts for Christmas.

Are you planning to do anything during winter break? \What are your top 3 Christmas gifts? Will you be traveling? These are examples of questions asked to students before winter break. The names of all the students interviewed are Fredy Alvarenga, Aaron Casa, and Jesse Muro. 

Casa will not be traveling anywhere during winter break. He will be celebrating Christmas at home with his family. Casa’s top 3 Christmas gifts are “clothing, better electronics, and money.” Casa also stated “For Christmas my family usually eats tamales or pozole.” He will be celebrating Christmas at home with his whole family. When asked what is your favorite holiday Casa said “Christmas is my favorite holiday there is no doubt in my mind.” Besides eating tamales or pozole, Casa’s family has no other traditions. He believes that the best time for people to bring out the Christmas tree is during late November. When asked “how many gifts are too many gifts” Casa stated “around 10 gifts are too much.” 

Alvarenga is planning to travel to El Salvador which is located in central America. His top 3 gifts are not too different from Casas with “Clothing, electronics, and shoes.” When asked “Are you giving anyone a gift? ”Alverenga said “My nephew, I’m probably going to give him like 300 bucks.” He said he has ”normal traditions” and that he “eats tamales” during Christmas break at his cousins house. Christmas is Alverengas favorite holiday because ”it brings the family together, there’s talent involved and a lot of food.” He believes that around 50 gifts are too many gifts. When asked if winter break should be longer, Alvarenga stated  “Yes because I can spend more time with my family after new years eve.”

Muro’s top 3 Christmas gifts are “food, cloths, action figures.” He is not planning to travel for winter break, but he is planning on giving someone a gift for Christmas. Muro doesn’t eat any special food over break. Apparently Christmas is not Muro’s favorite holiday; his favorite is valentines day. He believes that the best time to bring out the Christmas tree is November 1st. When asked “Should Christmas break be longer” he said “No because over time people become less intelligent from being away from school for so long.” To finish off with, Muro believes that 30 gifts is the maximum amount of gifts.

Many people celebrate by giving gifts to their loved ones, attending church services, or spending time with family. Christianity is the most popular religion in the world so many people celebrate Christmas. However, there are many other religions that celebrate Christmas as well. Winter break/Christmas break is soon approaching. Are you planning to do anything special over the 2 week break?