Ridgeview’s Pack is Setting Out to Deck the Doors

Isabel Aceves, Staff Writer

What is deck the doors and what is the point of this yearly activity? ASB member Saul Acosta describes ¨deck the doors¨ as a way for many students and teachers to get involved and step into their creative side. He also explains that this activity is fun because it is something different, and it is something that both students and teachers can participate in. 

Acosta states, “the whole purpose of this activity is for people to just decompress before finals come around with something enjoyable and exciting.” Students also get to participate in this activity and can help decorate the doors as well. This activity was a collaborative idea that came from the ASB members. He also adds that the class winner of the ¨Deck The Doors” receives a pizza party or snack bar vouchers. The winner of this activity will possibly be announced the week before finals week.

The thing that sparked this idea up was because this activity was held in previous years as well so ASB members wanted to carry on with the tradition. The part that he enjoys most about organizing this activity is, “the excitement that people get when they hear that they get to decorate classroom doors and compete as well.” He further adds that, “the moment when you finally find the perfect idea is the best part about organizing something.”

Acosta states that he hopes many teachers will want to participate, especially new teachers because they get to do something new and are going to be able to bond with other teachers and create bonds with their students.

How does this activity bring students closer as a pack? Camille Ramirez, who is a Science teacher and has been teaching at Ridgeview for seven years gives a detailed explanation of how this activity shows school spirit. She states that, “these types of activities are the ones that bring students and teachers together and allow for bonds to be made.” The thing that inspires Ramirez to participate in school activities is, “being able to give students something else to do other than just work and try to make school a fun learning experience for students.” She further explains that, “this activity is an outlet for students to step into their creative side and see what ideas students can come up with.” The two most exciting parts of this activity for her is “the creative process because it shows students artistic abilities and the competitiveness that comes into play with teachers who compete with one another.” She has a feeling Valadez could possibly be the winner of the activity this year because of past ideas and decorations. 

Ramirez explains that she doesn’t usually decorate much for Christmas, but this year she plans to go all out since the activity is finally coming back. She believes this shows school spirit because, “of the simple fact of being involved and participating in new things because it is important for students to be involved in fun things other than just academic things.” She also believes that “it is important because these yearly activities create nostalgic memories of high school.” Unfortunately, this activity was not done last year because of Covid 19, but now students can have the fun and enjoyable experience of decorating their teachers’ classroom doors.