Ridgeview Has Another Successful Food Sale


Alex Trujillo

Ridgeviewś annual food sale.

Moises Valencia, Staff Writer

Another round of the food sale has begun. Did you buy from the food sale? A food sale is an event that happens every quarter that allows the student to purchase tickets to then trade in for food and beverages of their choice. 

There were two interviews conducted before the start of the third food sale one was a staff member and the other was a student. Noah Gonzales is a Sophomore that buys from the food sale every quarter, when asked “how enjoyable is the food sale” Gonzales responded, “I give it a solid eight out of ten” Later on in the interview, Gonzales gave his student opinion by saying, “sometimes the food sale is overrated”. Gonzales states that his top three favorite food sale stands are “Chick Fil A, lemonade stand, and the burrito place.” He thinks that the food sale is a “fun activity and should happen more often in the year” Although he is not in any clubs Gonzales thinks that the food sale could lower down their prices for students that cannot afford the normal prices. 

After that Gonzales was asked, is the food sale better as one lunch or two? He believes it’s better as one because there is more food and the higher grades have a chance to get food as well. Gonzales mentioned an important observation saying “On the food sale day the center of the quad can be crowded with students and sometimes it’s hard to move around” “Also there are students who cut in line” Gonzales’s solution to this problem is to move the food sale to the field behind the school however this will give a disadvantage to the students who have a class to the front of campus. Finally, Gonzales described the food sale as “entertaining” to people who have not experienced the food sale for themselves. 

When asked what is the average amount of food sold at the food sale? Activities director Jose Valadez’s response was, “We usually can bring in close to like ten thousand dollars on one food sale. He added to that by saying, “Sometimes kids will change their minds and end up not spending their tickets but they can save them for the next food sale” He added, “We usually have anywhere between 15-20 different clubs selling food.” The food sale is a fundraiser for clubs so that means they have to buy their own food to be sold if the clubs do not sell all the food they bought then they will lose profit. When asked “what is the most popular food” Valadez responded with, “I always argue that the pizza is the most popular because we always sell out and everyone likes pizza.” If the club makes a profit first they have to pay off whatever they owe and any extra they keep. Sometimes there are clubs that only make sixty dollars, but at most, they will make around three hundred dollars.

 The club president and the club members are responsible for running their stand and are in charge of getting the food they will be selling. Valadez describes the food sale as, “A food fair so it’s like going to the food court in the mall.” During the sale, Valadez is running around helping the stands and selling last-minute tickets to students. When asked for a solution to the overcrowding in the quad he responded, “There is probably no solution because there are so many different clubs.” Many people enjoy the sale as one lunch because everyone has a fair chance to get some food, but for two, the crowding is less intense. Valadez believes the students enjoy the food sale because “It’s the one time a year where you get outside food and there are different varieties.” Finally, the food sale booths are set up by Valadez’s leadership class, tables are set up by custodians, and the clubs set up the food.