The Dance Revue is Back


Justin Hernandez

Performers of the 13th annual Dance Revue.

Jabari Bryant, Staff Writer

If you love dancing then this might be the move for you! Ridgeview High School brought back the Dance Revue after a two-year hiatus. The Dance Revue came back Feb Feb 9-11. The dance revue brought back former dancers to the stage during the weekend performances. Gabriel “Gabba” Tomada, Theo Walker, and Gerald De Jesus .

 Dancer Ivan Correo, a junior at Ridgeview High, states that he joined the dance revue because dancing has always been part of his life when he was younger and still is to this day. Correo says, “Dancing brings out the best in me and makes me able to entertain myself as well as others and it’s a great feeling.” Some people such as Correo live the experience of performing, while others enjoy their work. Talking about the feeling, it brings a boost of confidence as you get better and the support team gives you encouragement, once you gain that sort of confidence that is going to apply to your everyday life. Correo also mentions, “I definitely feel a change in my attitude ever since I joined the dance crew at Ridgeview, I can tell that I’m bold and able to express myself without feeling scared.” If you want to try new things dancing, can be for you and benefit your weaknesses. You want to strengthen while enjoying yourself at the same time without even knowing it. Overall, dancing can really make an impact on individuals in ways that can help them in the real world.

One of the most important things is making lifetime memories. Kelcie Lowry, Ridgeview Dance Choreographer, is excited to be working her first year Choreographing high school kids and teaching them how to enjoy dancing which makes them make memories they won’t forget. Lowry has been choreographing for 13 years which is something that she enjoys doing, she also states that she has been dancing since she was four years old. Lowry says that “I’ve always had a lot of patience, especially with kids that are new to dancing and love to see the growth they experience from day one to the final product.” Dancing is not only special for the students but also for the choreographers that help you reach that level of dancing. Different types of dancing also come with the job, Lowry states that her favorite style is tap and ballerina dancing. Lowry mentions, “I’ve been doing tap and ballerina ever since I was a kid so it just brings joy when teaching younger generations the same skills.” The joy of teaching others and the time brought into it really is a memorable experience for both teachers and students. 

For the most part, dancing can set off a lot of things in your life and able to change yourself into a better person through all the challenges you overcome. Creates many opportunities that can take you to places you didn’t think you would go to. Overall,  dancing is great for entertainment purposes but it also affects how you position yourself in life as well.