Seniors Signing Out

Emma Briones, Features Editor

    College is a monumental experience that should not be forgotten. Seniors will be graduating, and most will be off to college. Senior signing is an event where the students will be signing a certificate indicating their plans for their future, such as enrolling into college, the military, or even trade school. This event demonstrates how attending school and working hard helps prepare going on to the next level on where seniors want to go.  

     Seniors are highly recommended to attend the annual event which is completely free of cost. It is being organized by none other than Jose Valadez, who is the ASB advisor and is highly confident that Rideview hosts the best senior signing event. “This event is important because the whole point of students coming to school is to get graduated and move on to the next level of their academic career or professional lives,”stated Valadez. Senior signing was held during lunchtime, the event was then moved to be held in the evening to where students are able to invite their families and enjoy. Not only that, but they usually hand out cupcakes, as well as free t-shirts, a pin, and a lanyard. This event will be like a soft graduation, where everyone can bask in the accomplishments of the students. The fact that this is the first full year back to normal since the COVID-19 pandemic adds an extra layer of significance to the event. All seniors should take pride in their achievements and accomplishments as they celebrate their journey towards a successful career. “Shoutout to the class of 2023, congratulations, and I can’t wait to see you guys become contributing members of society!”

     After graduation, many seniors face uncertainty about the future. However, some students like Janessa Grissom, who is heading off to Cal State Fullerton, know exactly what they will be doing next. For Grissom, this marks the beginning of a new chapter in her life and an opportunity to leave behind her high school experiences and embark on an exciting journey towards adulthood. It is important to recognize the hard work of seniors and encourage them to participate in senior signing, as it provides them with the recognition they deserve for their dedication and commitment throughout their academic journey. According to Grissom “Seniors get the recognition they deserve for their hard work.” 

     Going off to college is something exciting for seniors, something they’ve been waiting for and worked so hard for is finally here. “I think it’s so cool how you get to show off where you are going and everyone is cheering you on,” states Pali Kaur. Kaur is a senior who is attending Bakersfield College next semester and will be at senior signing. Some advice Kaur would like to share with incoming seniors is, “start looking into colleges early and don’t procrastinate.”

   Seniors deserve to be recognized, and this event will allow them to do so. Throughout all of their four years at Ridgeview, they have worked hard and accomplished many things. Senior signing is a chance for seniors to take satisfaction in their accomplishments and to recognize them.