New Admin At RHS

Mikayla Grebner, Staff Writer

With a new school year getting a move on, new staff here at Ridgeview have joined us! Ridgeview has welcomed two new staff on board, Cori Raub and Jennifer Anderson!

Raub is the new Dean of Student Services as of August 019. She has taken over the position previously filled by Taiasha Alvarado. Raub previously taught at Ridgeview as a History teacher for four years, and has taught for over 13 years, in other districts.

I spoke with Raub about her family, being the new Dean of Students, and challenges her position brings along with it. Raub was born and raised in Bakersfield and graduated from Bakersfield High School in 1995. She attended Bakersfield College and went to California State University, Bakersfield. Raub has been married to her husband for 21-years and has three daughters aged 20, 16, and 10.

“I would say there’s not necessarily a typical work day. I’m usually kind-of juggling a wide variety of responsibilities,” States Raub, “ So some of that is getting teachers and staff signed up for different trainings that they have to do. I have a lot of meetings with different departments- you know- a lot of just organization of different programs to kind-of support our students as well as our staff.”

Raub expressed the difficulties of her new position. She expressed that she believes that the job isn’t challenging, rather finding balance between the different responsibilities given to her and maintaining organization is the most difficult part.

Another wolf joining our pack this school year, is Jennifer Anderson! Anderson replaced Kendra Weiser as the Assistant Principal-Administrator.  Anderson previously worked as a dean in East High and decided to make the switch to Ridgeview after hearing many good things about it. Anderson was born and raised in Orange County and graduated from Troy Tech. She has a husband, three children, and pet dogs.

“Usually I come in the morning, I speak to our head custodial (and) we go over any issues like air (conditioning) or if-let’s say sports- something happened with sports, we need to get something done or the fields (need assisting). Like we’re working on painting the fields right now,” states Anderson, “If a teacher needs more desks or filing cabinets, or anything (else) they need to be successful that day in the classroom (we help them). Also if students or parents need anything with accommodations with kids, we help out and do that. But generally, (I) just walk around the campus just making sure everything is secure and ready to go.”

One thing she said she loves about her job is getting to meet all the new students and helping them with their special needs.

Good luck to the new members of the wolf pack!