Raving All About the Ridgeview Rapper

Christina Ho-King , Staff Writer

There are many students on Ridgeview High School campus that have great hobbies and a great future career that lies ahead of them. So it is not surprising to discover Ridgeview has a hardworking rapper that is currently taking a step closer towards his own success. With the demands of school and his hobby, it can be challenging to balance the amount of time well spent on succeeding both. So, the question is who is: this student rapper, what has he achieved, and what is he planning for his great success in the future?
Kordion Amari Turner, goes by his stage name Kay$o Savage, is a 17 year old rapper who made his come up on one of the largest audio platforms, Soundcloud. “My interest in music began by hanging around people who were rapping and freestyling.” From there, he began to take his influence and step into the rap game himself. He is a solo artist who independently writes and produces his own songs, and makes his own beats. “I have my own studio in my room, and from there I just record all my songs and make my own beats,” he said. After getting love and positive feedback from his peers, he chose to continue this hobby and work on making it as his future career.
Kay$o states that he creates chill, cool music that anybody can vibe to. So far, he had his first performance at Jerry’s Pizza and is looking forward to more opening shows. The artists he looks up to for inspiration is “ I don’t really look up to any other musical artist for inspiration, I think I inspire myself, I look up to myself for inspiration”. However, he is willing to have collaborations with other artists such as Joemanor, Blueface Baby, YG, Shootergang Kony, and Kamiah.
Kay$o will graduate as a senior in the year 2020. His goals before graduating is to “earn and maintain a 4.0 GPA academically, prepare for college, and get more recognition and love from more peers on my music.” He balances his time on school and his music by coming to school on regular hours, then goes home and works on his music.
While working a way up to success, there are doubts that come along the highway. Kay$o admits to having doubts along the way of his future career and hobby. To overcome those doubts, he remains to push forward regardless of those temporary, negative insights on himself. “Sometimes there are bad days where you doubt yourself, but you just have to just keep it pushing,” he adds.Struggles that Kay$o sometimes finds himself fighting when it comes to his music are getting more recognition from a bigger audience, and coming up with lyrics or what to say while recording a verse. “You would have everything to say in the song, then once you start recording in the studio, you just go blank and nothing comes up.” If there is anything Kay$o would change about the music industry, it would be the way the industry decides who deserves a lot of recognition for their work.
Kay$o Savage is a young, successful rapper in the making who has so much that awaits for him in the long run. What is up next for Kay$o in his music is that he is currently working on dropping some new music, saving up for his music videos, and also being signed to a team for more gigs and shows. So far, Kay$o has achieved a quarter million streams on his music on Soundcloud, he has good grades so far for his first semester of senior year, he bought two cars himself with no help, and has seen his mental growth developing. Just like any artist, Kay$o is making every opportunity possible and taking every step closer to make it to the top. Along his path in making closer to his success, he realized how important it is to just, “…be yourself, be who you are, and everything is not what it seems.’’