Girls’ Soccer Team: Kicking It Into the New Season

Jeremiah Rodriguez, Staff Writer

With the Girls’ soccer season underway they have gotten off to a great start in preseason and the start of league and the girls’ are looking to take this momentum with them into the playoffs. They plan on making it far this year and with the team they have this season it is looking real promising.

The girls’ have played in two tournaments this year, the Buchanan Tournament in Fresno and the Carlos Grande Invitational at East High. The Buchanan tournament did not go as planned, but as for the other tournament the girls’ took first place and brought the silverware back to Ridgeview. The girls’ are undefeated so far in league with a record of 4-0.

There is still room for improvement, Andres Murillo had this to say on what they still need to improve on this season, he says “Offensively we need to be more consistent on the finishing part and take all the opportunities that we get throughout the game.” If the girls’ improve on this winning league, going far in playoffs is looking highly possible. The girls’ are in division three and are looking to have a deep run in the playoffs. Murillo said, “Playoffs are looking very tough right now because a lot of teams from Fresno are doing really good, but I still expect us to make it at least to the semifinals.” Murillo has high expectations for his team this year and that’s understandable since they’ve been in excellent form.

The girls’ have something special in them this year. You can see it in the way they play. Varsity returner Bianca Jacinto says, “I’m feeling confident about this season, it should be a good one. I think we have a better team than last year because last year it was more like kicking the ball around and hoping for it to go in. This year we actually play by passing it and creating our opportunities from open play. I just feel overall it’s gotten better.” The confidence that they have helps them come out ready to play every game.

Alexa Murillo, another varsity returner, said “I feel we’re really good and our team is looking strong, even though we lost a star player last year we’re doing just fine.”  Seems with this confidence and how strong the team is individually and as a group they will be league title contenders for sure.

Playoffs is where it all really counts. All the hard work they have put in throughout the whole season is all for a shot to play in the valley championship. The girls are in division three and have a lot of competition in there. With their overall record being 9-4-2 they are sitting at the top of their division in the number one seed. The girls’ lost in the first round last year and they’re really hoping not to repeat that. Bianca says, “My expectations for playoffs is to make it past the first round and see where we go from there.” Every game will have to be played one at a time. Their expectations are set high for themselves because they know how good they are this year and what they are capable of.

The girls’ want to make it far in the playoffs, so all the hard work they are going to do through the season will pay off. The girls’ team is one of the must watch sports teams this year. They are taking the Central Section Division 3 by storm. They are a better team than last year statistically and they are the number one seed so far.