Forensics’ Team Going Far

Harkamal Randhawa, Staff Writer

In the 2019-2020 school year, Ridgeview High School’s Forensics’ team exceeds expectations and more; hard at work with multiple students placing throughout the rounds at local, valley, and state levels!
A few of those placed were Leanord Delgadillo, third in Improve two, Maddison Wilson placing fourth in Lincoln Douglas, Avneet Sandhu, and Harvir Kaur placing in the top seven in the League in Public Form. When asked as to what they feel helped them achieve this they shared a common opinion of “choosing a category they are most comfortable with”, says Delgadillo, and Sandhu adds on, “preparation beforehand is key, you have taken individual time to improve and reflect upon yourself”.
All stating how pleased they were with the outcome of their work. Kaur talks about the pleasure that comes from placing and proudly representing your school. Sandhu adds on about how Stockdale is usually the one to place, but this year there were many who placed from Ridgeview.
Wilson expresses how surprised she was when she received the award. “I did not expect to place this high. My cases didn’t seem that better than usual, so it was quite surprising when I placed.” When asked about what could be one of the aspects of this outcome she tells us about how her argument “went more point by point and therefore was easier to understand.”
Many others such as Ivan Tran, Inderpal Singh, and Hector Cabrera provide us with insight of their experience this year. Ivan Tran, first year in forensics and a freshman talks about how he enjoys traveling with the team and how being part of this team is a great experience itself. Singh, a returner, reveals some of the hardships he faced during the LD Debate this year going not exactly as planned; however, he express how well in the speaking category, discovering OPP was quite intriguing. “I wanted to create a powerful speech so I picked an event where I could create my own, I chose to talk about a historical event which not many people knew about and was able to not only put in real emotions into it, but I was actually able to teach people about the event of 1984”, says Sandhu. Cabrera also talks about the great how the team is doing very well under the guidance of the president of the club, Delgadillo, as well as how they’ve been trying out some new things that have really helped shaped the team.
Multiple members constantly stated that not only is this a club that will help with developing life skills such as communication and public speaking, but it can also help you impress multiple colleges. “This is a great addition to your resume” states Cabrera, these can also include Berkeley where one of our very own team captains’, Kaur, is going, says Delgadillo. However, this also helps you form some great friendships and is a great experience as a whole.